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I am writing this post at the start of a 10 day isolation period, having been in close contact with somebody who has tested positive for COVID. Not being somebody who is content to stay at home watching Netflix, my first concern was for my state of mind. I am somebody who thrives on being able to go out, walk the dog and enjoy the great outdoors. Now I have to deal with myself, my thoughts and to try and find a way of occupying myself indoors.

Many people are struggling with their mental health at the moment, and we all need to take responsibility to look after ourselves and those around us. A phone call to check up on friend or loved one could make all of the difference. Nobody knows what others are dealing with.

I was brought to mind today of the work of fashion photographer Ray Burmiston, who recently released an exhibition of images entitled “Take a Moment”. In these images Ray captures celebrities with their eyes shut, often in black and white. This project aims to raise awareness of mental health illnesses and to raise money for the charity MIND.

Inspired by his work, I captured dogs with their eyes closed. My interpretation is that dogs have played a vital role in providing comfort and emotional support to many during lockdow, and I believe their role in helping us deserves recognition.

Ironically, I am spending isolation without my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, of my two obliging models above. Without being able to walk him we would both end up frustrated and so he is staying with his grandparents where he can live his best life until we are reunited next week.

Stay safe everyone.

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