Angel's Story 😇

I first met Angel in 2018 at a local event and I was captivated and moved by her incredible story. I asked Hollie, her devoted owner to re-tell this story so that we could raise awareness of other dogs like her...

The story of Angel (@wonkynosedwonderdog); Angel is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois rescued from a dog meat slaughterhouse in Changchun, China. It was only when dog rescuers saw videos of Angel on a truck arriving at a slaughterhouse circulating Chinese social media, that they had to go and negotiate with the slaughterhouse workers to save her. Angel was immediately distinguishable from the other dogs due to the injuries on her face, possibly caused by the tool the meat traders use for catching dogs. Malinois are only used for working purposes in China so it is likely that Angel was once used for policing or security. Upon being saved, Angel underwent three rounds of reconstructive surgery to her face before her 6,000-mile flight to freedom. This incredible journey, organised by charity Rushton Dog Rescue, ended with her being adopted in Oxfordshire, England where she now enjoys cross country runs, swimming and holidays to Scotland. Angel recently underwent further surgery at Fitzpatrick referrals to make breathing easier for her and is healing well. The 26th of August, 2021, will mark exactly 5 years since Angel was rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade.

On hearing of her recent surgery I contacted Hollie to offer Angel a photoshoot to celebrate her recovery and below are some of the images we captured at the ruins at Old Minster.

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