A Gift to Treasure

If we have all learned something throughout this extraordinary year it is the value of family. Some of us have not seen or touched family for months at a time and this has only served to help us to understand how much they mean to us.

A little while ago I was doubting myself and the value of professional dog photography as a viable business. With everybody having a mobile in their pocket with increasing quality of the camera on board, everybody it seems is a photographer. I mooted this to a friend who reminded me of some beautiful family pictures on the walls of a close friend of ours whose husband died a year ago. “What is the value of those photos now?” he asked me. Thinking he was referring to the monetary value I guessed “£1000, £2000?“ No, he said. “Those are now priceless”. The lesson I learned from this was that we never know when we won’t be able to capture those photographs again.

Dog photography is unlike most other forms of photography in that it doesn’t have an urgency, unless of course the dog is reaching the end of their life. Weddings have a date, newborns only stay newborn for a few weeks and children grow up. So when is the best time to have a Dog Photography session? For me the answer is when you can hope to get pictures that you can put on your wall and remember your dog in years to come at their mischievous best! You may feel differently, of course, but capturing a dog living its best life is simply a joy.

If you are still looking for that unique gift this Christmas then do consider a Gift Voucher for a Dog Photography session. You can purchase in any monetary value, but a full location session is £95 and this comes with a £50 credit to put towards wall art, albums or mounted prints.

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