Eddie gets me a 2nd place in an Open Print Competition

Gorgeous Eddie was one of our doggy models on one of Andy Biggar’s Dog Photography courses last September. It was the end of the second day and young pup Eddie and his friends had worked hard for us over the weekend, posing for portraits, retrieving dummies and jumping over heather and gorse on the moors. At the point I took this photograph all the dogs had been relieved of their duties and were jumping in and out of a cattle trough, clearly having a whale of a time. Often, it is these moments when some really natural and appealing images can be captured.

The feedback from the competition's judge, Photokonnexion's Damon Guy was that the wet fur gave impact and texture to the image, the catchlights in the eyes gave Eddie life and the highlight around his nose made the image 'pop' from the background.

In the same series of images I managed to capture two of the other doggy models; handsome fox red lab Beau and mischievous springer Harry (who was secretly my favourite...). All of these images have now been placed in photographic competitions.

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