Tips for photographing graphing black WIN a Photoshoot!

It is a sad but true fact that black dogs are likely to spend twice as long in rehoming centres than their lighter counterparts. Why? Partly due to superstition...think Winston Churchill’s metaphor for depression - his ‘black dog’ but also because of the difficulty of getting good pictures of black dogs that highlight their features.

As a dog photographer I meet many frustrated owners who are unable to capture satisfactory images of their beloved pooch, getting instead a ‘black blob’ with no distinguishing features.

Regardless of your equipment, you should be able to capture good images of your black dogs by following these simple rules:

1. Avoid bright sunlight...

It is counterintuitive to assume that an overcast day will produce the best images but the absence of harsh sunlight will be your friend in photographing any subject, let alone dark-furred animals. Bright sunlight casts shadows that are difficult to balance post-processing so if you absolutely have no choice, seek shade or consider using a fill-in flash. Get as close to the dog as possible so it fills more of the frame and use exposure compensation to adjust the balance.