Pheasants, pheasants, pheasants...

The pheasant season 2017 is well underway and I have asked Warwick Daniels to provide a 5 minute interview to get his thoughts on his favourite shoots and much more!

5 minute interview - Warwick Daniels Friend and former colleague Warwick is passionate about his shooting. Formerly Master of Clay Pigeon Shooting at Cokethorpe School his team became 3 times British Schools and Young Shots Champions and spent 2 years with the UK High Gun under his tutelage. As an APSI instructor he is now coaching at three shooting schools in the South East and spends many days 'in field'. Q. In a typical season how many shoots would you attend? A. About 15, but last year it was 22

Q. What is your most memorable shoot moment? A. Shooting my first deer in Scotland and my high partridge and pheasant at Clovelly when on form!! Q. What is your current gun of choice and why? A. Beretta Diamond Pigeon, EELL field gun with fixed chokes. Q. What is your favourite game recipe and which wine would you match with it? A. What we call 'Kentucky Fried Pheasant' - strips of breast meat dusted with seasoned flour or breadcrumbs and then fried until crispy - a family favourite! Wines I would drink with it would be a Three Sisters and a Brother Australian Shiraz or, on a special occasion a Claret - Pomerol Q. If you could only shoot in one location for the rest of your life where would that be? A. Clovelly in Devon Q. Finally, what pieces of advice would you give for the start of the pheasant season? A. 1. Don't chop and change cartridges or chokes for most clays or game - use a similar velocity for both. For what it's worth I use Ely Olympic Blues 7 and a half for clay and VIP 32g 5's or 32g Black Gold 5's for game. 2. On a game day it's fine to have a drink to relax, but if you're a competent shot then any more will take away your edge!

Warwick Daniels