Photographing puppies!!!

Yesterday I had the enormous privilege of photographing 4 delightful working cocker pups with their mum, 5 year old Pip. They were so inquisitive and busy that getting far enough away and getting them still was quite a challenge! One thing that helps is to spend time getting to know them for a good hour or so before you start shooting. That way mum and the pups get used to you being around and they have time to get used to the camera gear and your presence. Props are also important...old shoes, toys and a nice rustic looking bed in this instance, but, depending on the breed you might choose other items such as wellies, used gun cartridges etc. Getting down low is the key for photographing puppies and aiming to capture that all important catch-light in the eyes. The weather was beautiful yesterday but not necessarily best for shooting...I struggled to get a good photo of the black pup in particular, even in the shade! Bright sunlight and black fur is a tricky combination as camera struggled to find definition or a focal point at times.

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mother and daughter

puppy and converse